APRIL 1, 2021 - MAY 31 2021


It is great to see how much talent and creativity there is within the Housatonic Valley Art League as well as throughout Berkshires. It is a big part of what makes this area so vibrant. Creativity has been central to helping us all get through the past year. It is obvious that each of these artists have a strong commitment and belief in their work and gratifying to see how the League continues to grow.

It was very difficult deciding on which artists would receive awards. The basis for selection was based on the technical accomplishment, unique approach to composition and treatment of subject and idea. In addition to the award winners, there were many that we felt could be recognized. We want to encourage each artist to continue to pursue their passion for their work.

Thank you for the opportunity to judge this year for the Housatonic Valley Art League.

Ann Getsinger and Jim Schantz



"Southfield Store", 2020 Oil on Linen (24" x 24")
Ann Getsinger is a landscape painter who describes herself as "a realist with a surreal edge." She lives and works in New Marlborough, MA; her one woman and group shows are too numerous to even begin to list here. She has won many awards and is represented by and shown in galleries in Maine, Massachusetts & New York.

You can find out more on www.anngetsinger.com



"Late August River", Oil on Panel (48" x 48")
Jim Schantz is a landscape artist who works in oils and pastel. Each work by Jim is a symphony of complementary elements - light and shadow, fine and broad strokes, warm and cool tones, movement and stillness - all harmoniously balanced in the perfect metaphor for the ebb and flow of our daily lives.

You can find out more on www.jimschantz.com