JULY 1, 2021 - JULY 31 2021



Allen Blagden is one of the most outstanding watercolorists of his time.

Born into a family of extraordinarily talented artists, Allen Blagden has painted professionally since his early student days at Hotchkiss School in Northwest Connecticut where his artistic training began with his father.

His penetrating renderings of sky and water, of people , birds and landscapes fall within the academic traditions of the best of American realist painting.

To learn more about Allen Blagden, visit his website: www.allenblagden.com/

Based on an article written by Mildred Thaler Cohen, director of the Marbella Gallery, New York City, NY


Marjory Reid has been buried in the arts for over 50 years. An abstract painter who describes her work as "nature reduced to shapes, colors, lines, drips, textures and splashes - with an attitude", Ms. Reid has exhibited widely throughout the U.S. and is the recipient of several grants and awards.

In 1968 she started teaching locally in the independent school system when she started the art department at Indian Mountain School. That was followed by 36 years at the Hotchkiss School where she taught studio art and AP Art History. She would often remark how fortunate she was in loving what she taught to students whom she adored. She strongly believes that art teachers should be practicing artists. And indeed, she has been a painter non stop who has exhibited here in the Northeast and throughout the country.

Due to illness, Marjory Reid will not be able to be a juror in this show. Zelinda Blagden has kindly agreed to take Marjory's place.